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quarta-feira, 25 de maio de 2011

Reading Reports I

Porque os  alunos não lêem só em português, publicamos algumas notas de leitura elaboradas na disciplina de Inglês.

Book: Poor Little Rich Girl by Elaine O’Reilly
Type of book: Drama and action

Content: The book tells us a story about a girl that decides to run away from home after an argument with her parents to get a summer job in a yacht. But something unexpected happens and she will have to use all her intelligence and strength to get out of it. It’s going to be a summer that she will never forget.
Opinion: I really liked the book. The story makes us understand the dangers of our world and why we should always listen to our parents.

  By Inês Morais, 8ºC 

Book: Blog Love by Chris Moore
Type of book: Romance
Content: The book is about a Japanese girl whose name is Jumko Nagai. She goes to London for three months to learn English, but she has no friends there. She starts a blog and meets a boy on it.
Opinion: I liked the story. It was very interesting because it tells us about the advantages and the dangers of meeting people on the Internet.

By Raquel Lameiras, 8ºC


Book: Hampton House by Jenny Doley
Type of book: Mystery
Content: Kathy is a teenager who likes to help other people, so she decided to go to Helping Hand. Her first job was in a retirement home. Her job was to give books to the patients of the institution. One lady told her about a house. She went there to see if that was a good place for the new Helping Hand office.
Opinion: I didn’t like the book because the story is too boring and basic for me.

  By Lourenço Pimenta, 8ºC

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